Undercover Makeover

Undercover Makeover

For the last couple of years I have been slowly giving my other half a style makeover. It has been a gradual process and not one that I am entirely convinced he knows about; however it is proving to be a great success. It’s not that he has bad fashion sense, on the contrary he is quite the sharp dresser, but the problem is that once he finds something he really likes he will wear it until it is literally falling apart. I suppose this is a good thing when you consider how much we now rely on disposable fashion however I decided three years ago that I would start adding to his mini-capsule wardrobe to see what happens.

Colour Splash

The first thing to be added to his empty wardrobe was a collection of plain t-shirts. Not too exciting I know, however it is amazing what a different colour shirt can do to a once plain outfit. Instead of his usual social outfit of a black t-shirt, jeans and trainers he was able to take his pick from red, blue and even a risky burgundy colour that I was sure he would flatly refuse to wear.

Classic Style

Spurred on by the success of the t-shirt test, the second item to tackle was his footwear. I am a big fan of battered trainers, in fact I tend to live in mine when I am off shopping or at the gym however if you are going out for a special occasion or event sometimes you need an alternative. Finding decent quality men’s footwear proved to be a nightmare as there are so many things to consider. Luckily a male friend pointed me in the direction of some classic Rombah Wallace loafers, proof that sometimes you really can’t beat a classic!

Finishing Touches

Finally the big challenge, trying to get my other half out of the hoody that he has been wearing for the last five years. He is so attached to this thing that I am amazed he actually takes it off when he goes to sleep. I’m a big fan of cardigans on men so I picked up a plain black cardigan and decided to plant it in his wardrobe, after a few false starts whilst he tried to figure out how to wear it the cardigan is now in constant rotation.

Operation makeover was definitely a success and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is sick of observing a style rut!

Kat is a full time writer, blogger and fashion lover with a love for all things bright and shiny especially Lotus Shoes.

Photo Credit: Old Sarge

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