The Heritage of Fashion Brand ‘Diesel’

The Heritage of Fashion Brand ' Diesel'

When it comes to quality clothing, Diesel is one of many trusted designer brands to be found in the wardrobes of both men and women across the globe. Diesel began as a company focused on producing high class garments for a younger generation; now the brand plays a strong part in youth culture worldwide.

Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. He wanted to be a leader and create a company that took chances, as well as carving out a niche for itself in fashion. He began be surrounding himself by talented, creative people –innovators. He chose to work with people that would turn away from slaving to trends and following other big names in the fashion industry. Rosso wanted to create imaginative, dynamic products that could be available across the world. The original Diesel designers were given a unique freedom, with their mission being to create a range of apparel ideal for people who follow their own unique path in life. Diesel designers were also tasked with designing for those who express their individuality through the clothes they wear.

Diesel class themselves as an innovative international design house, producing collections that range from rugged jeans to elegant yet modern clothing and fresh, urban accessories including jewellery and watches. The company are pioneers in new styles, new cuts, new fabrics and new manufacturing methods and promote excellent quality control; an outstanding product is guaranteed from this famous fashion name. Diesel is most famously known for their denim items, competing with few others in the arena.

From the founding years of Diesel, the designer in chief was Creative Directory Wilbert Das. He would lead the design team to turn away from other style ‘dictators’ and the predicted consumer fashion forecasts. He let them work using their own personal tastes alone. Even in the beginning of the Diesel brand, the company saw the world as a ‘’single, border-less macro-culture”, with the Diesel staff reflecting this. Wilbert Das only parted with Diesel in 2009.

The Diesel team have always been a cosmopolitan team who can come up with the unpredictable and dynamic; a vivacity and youthful buzz is present throughout the organisation.

The people of Diesel, and their working methods, are productive yet unconventional! They are often documented in fashion media and are studied by fashion brands, designers, students and graduates internationally. Renzo Rosso has suggested the brand has learnt its marketing activities from the US, its creativity from Italy and has Germany to thank for its manufacturing systems.

Diesel was founded in Molvena, Italy with its headquarters now based in the former Laverda building area of Breganze. Today Diesel is present in over 80 countries; they have over 5,000 points of sale and 300 mono-branded shops across the globe.  Aside from their large fashion output, Diesel has expanded its brand outside of clothing; they have launched a special edition Fiat 500 car, Diesel Vektr headphones, a special edition bicycle and motorbike. Diesel also has their own Home collection with items including bedding, living room furniture and light fixtures.

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The Heritage of Fashion Brand ' Diesel'