Suits Today for the Average Man

Suits Today for the Average Man

It’s a sad truth: modern men don’t dress up in fashionable suits and ties like they used to. More often than not, the best looking man on the street in the middle of the work day is probably wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes and a baggy shirt with some logo on it. As more and more businesses adopt casual dress policies, fewer men are buying suits. That said, there comes a time when most ever man requires an attractive suit; however, with so few opportunities to wear them, many men aren’t willing to spend top dollar.

According to Dr. Joe Serra, a cosmetic dentist in Detroit, men don’t always have to pay a lot for attractive suits; however, when they do, they tend to get more.

“When the economy is a little tougher, like it is now, you can find a nice suit at a place like Men’s Warehouse or even J.C. Penny without having to spend thousands of dollars,” he said. But, to that end, I also believe that if you spend more on your clothes, they are going to last longer.”

Spending the Money to Look Better

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their suits. Business suits that come from a cheaper store, such as J.C. Penny, might not fit your waist or chest quite right, and you might end up looking like Superman or more like the Blob depending on the suit you settled on. Unfortunately, spending more money on the right suit isn’t something the average man wants to do; however, in many cases, spending more now could mean huge savings later.

Dr. Serra has owned expensive suits for years and swears by the money he paid.

“I’ve got some suits that are ten years old,” he said. “I might have paid a thousand or 1500 dollars for them back then; but, you know, they’re still looking great and they haven’t gone out of style.”

Paying Extra for the Right Fit

Many people believe a good suit has more to do with the proper fit than anything. If you want a suit that will give you the perfect fit, consider finding a decent tailor. Just bear in mind that, although a tailored suit can make you stand out from the pack, it does cost extra.

“There are people that get [their suits] custom made,” Dr. Serra explains. “I’m not to that point just because I don’t wear them very often. But if you go to a tailor who is phenomenal, you’re going to have a very nice looking suit; but you’re also going to have to pay a price for it.”

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing the right suit, each man needs to consider his individual budget and needs. After all, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to buy an expensive suit you will only wear once a year; and it would be a waste to pay a tailor to custom-fit a suit, if your weight tends to fluctuate often.

Shanna Laub rocks the written word for Off-Topic Media. Thanks to Oxfordian Kissuth for the photo, and to Dr. Joseph Serra for his fashion insights. Dr. Serra can be contacted at his Detroit cosmetic dentist office at:

The Michigan Center for Advanced Dentistry
Joseph Serra, DMD
42010 Grand River Ave.
Novi, MI 48375

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