Movie Sunglasses for Men

Picking out a pair of sunglasses is a summer rite of passage. Being on trend is important and having just the right look is a must. However the fact is that shelling out for designer shades each season is an expensive business and most of us opt for cheap imitations that are scratched and twisted before the sun even shows from behind a cloud.

The alternative is to buy classic and stick with them. This might be considered unfashionable, but that is narrow-sighted. Look through the canons of cool as captured on celluloid and you’ll see that plenty of peeper protectors have stood the test of time, so treat yourself and forge your own style…

Tom Cruise – Top Gun: Ray-Ban 3025 Large Aviator

Movie Sunglasses for Men

I feel the need, the need for some oversized aviators on my face! Just because you don’t fly a fighter jet, play volley-ball on the beach or have confidence issues tied to the fact you were kind of to blame for your best mates death doesn’t mean you can’t look the part. All you need are these never out of style classics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator: Gargoyles ANSI Classics

If you leave a lot of places but return to them shortly after, these are the glasses for you. You’ll happily be able to quote the most awesome of action heroes till your heart is content and look the business too. In fact these shades aren’t even that expensive. 1984 never looked so good!

Brad Pitt – Fight Club: Oliver Peoples 523

If you want to look like the hard of nails figment of someone’s imagination soap salesman it’s going to cost you. These glasses weren’t exactly easy to get hold of to start with and once Brad donned them in his role as Tyler Durden there was a run on them. So rare are these glasses that 10th anniversary editions were produced and we all got excited before hearing only 150 more were made available. There are a few floating around on eBay, but these are a collectible item and the price reflects it. Get your bloodied knuckles on a pair though and you’re not just looking cool, you are cool!

Steve McQeen – Thomas Crown Affair: Persol 0714

Man McQueen was hip and never more so than in the Thomas Crown Affair all three-piece-suit and style to burn. He wore his trademark glasses and literally cooked he was so damn hot. Remember though, for the full effect get yours with a blue tint. It was McQueen’s thing and it can be yours now too.

Tim Roth – Reservoir Dogs: Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster

Basically these are a variation on the ubiquitous Wayfarer but with wired frames on the lower portion of the frame. In this style there is nothing cooler than the black and gold Clubmaster. It baulks the sinister vibe and takes it to sophisticated confidence. I’ll have a pair of those please…

Wearing sunglasses at work isn’t a problem at Find Me A Gift, which is good for Fred Tattle as he is able to bring down the cost-per-wear value of his flashy shades while writing about this seasons coolest gifts!

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