Grenadine Silk Ties

Drakes Grenadine Silk Tie


Grenadine woven silk gives a tie a wonderfully distinct texture. Sometimes mistaken for a knitted woollen tie, grenadine is a staple in the wardrobe of many stylish gentlemen.

Originally seen as a casual tie, the grenadine silk tie acts as an unusual yet functional addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. Grenadine silk ties can sometimes be mistaken for a knitted woollen tie – due to the woven pattern of the silk, yet these ties are lined like any other regular tie, meaning they hang more consistently and the tip of the tie has a clean finish unlike a lot of knitted woollen ties.

Endorsed by James Bond!

Sean Connery in Goldfinger Sean Connery is probably one of the most well-known people to wear a grenadine silk tie, as seen during his role as James Bond. At this particular time Sean Connery’s shirts were provided by Turnbull & Asser, along with the wonderful navy grenadine silk tie seen in this still image from Goldfinger.

Course or Fine

Genuine grenadine silk is still woven in Italy, generally by Fermo Fossati or Seteria Bianchi, and are available in two varieties—Garza Grossa—coarse woven fabric and Garza Fina—fine woven fabric as shown in the images below. Garza Grossa (left) and Garza Fina (right).

Garza Grossa Grenadine Silk Garza Fina Grenadine Silk

Tying a Knot

Grenadine silk ties are quite thick, so it is usually best to avoid a Full-Windsor or Half-Windsor knot. These ties look fantastic with a Four-in-Hand or a Prince Albert knot, and should always have a dimple!

Where to Buy Grenadine Silk Ties

Several well-known brands produce grenadine silk ties in a variety of colours, Turnbull & Asser being a favourite Jermyn Street supplier. These ties sell for £85.00 (approx. $130.00), so are not the cheapest option. Another, top-end tie manufacturer is Drakes of London, who provide a range of British-made grenadine silk ties (as shown in the top image), these start at £95.00 (approx. $150.00). Alternatively, you could try Charles Tyrwhitt who sell a range of grenadine silk ties starting at £39.95 on their UK store and $79.00 on their US store. For US visitors, Sam Hober sells an excellent range of grenadine silk ties which can be customised, starting at $80.00, or Chipp of New York has a range of handmade grenadine silk ties in 12 colours starting at $47.50 (Chipp of New York send Grenadine swatches upon request).

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