5 Easy To Pull Off Patterns & Prints For Men

5 Easy to Pull Off Patterns & Prints for Men

Alright, men, while society often views fashion as a solely female dominated locale, we all know that there is just as much to style and looking good for men as there is for women. So, don’t be bashful but rather be the bold, wild men of class, flavor, and taste you are and delve into some of the more current trends in fashion. Also gone in the world of fashion are the days of solids, simples, and might we say, “stagnants,” and in are the days of patterns, prints, and paradigms. While a multitude of new fabrics have come in style, only the top 5 have made it on this list.

1. Floral

No, this is not the petite feminine flower your mother wears. Florals for men are easily pulled off as a muted floral or foliage adornment. Think boho-70s feel, and you’ve got it. Nonetheless, floral prints can be done from hat to shoe, but the goal is to pick one piece and stick with it. For example, choose a striking button up paired with a sharp blazer and dressed up jeans to complete the look. Other floral patterns include the ever-present Hawaiian print, large leaves, small flowers, and anything in between.

2. Geometric

It’s back to basics with this pattern. Geometric prints are just as versatile as florals and can be found in many different varieties and options. The key for pulling this style off is sticking to the basic shapes and choosing a pattern bold enough to stand out. Favorite geometrics include triangle, square, and rectangles embellishments as well as zigzag and mosaic prints. To go for this look, consider doing a printed hat with a solid button-down or even go for a printed suit—that is sure to be an eye catcher.

3. Camouflage

While this can be a dangerous print to try, it is actually one that is most versatile and fairly easy to find. The goal for making this print a fashion statement rather than a faux pas is choosing a piece that is fashionable and building from it rather than allowing it to look disheveled and unkempt. (Right, right, camouflage is an “outdoor look,” but we’re still going for high fashion here.) Good pieces to use here are fitted pants, a tailored camo jacket, or a stylish camouflage hat. Make this one work for you, not against you.

4. Polka Dot

And, again, a disclaimer. This is not the traditional “cutesy” polka dot we’re talking about. Man up and look for some dots to wear, and you’ll not only look stylish but approachable too. The polka dot pattern of choice is a more understated dot than typically seen in other venues. Go for a miniscule polka dot with a slight variation from the norm, and you’ll be rocking this trend this season. The dots can be worn anywhere from hat to handkerchief, so find a piece you like and incorporate it with a laidback ensemble to make it a sure fashion piece. This look is one of the easiest to pull off but the most often overlooked.

5. Graphic

This print may be the one that you are currently most familiar and most comfortable with. However, making a fashion statement with graphic art is more than just pulling on your favorite printed tee. Consider taking the graphic print up a notch by looking for something bolder. Choose a pair of printed pants or blazer paired with solids and you’ll own this style.

So, you’ve read the article. Now it’s time to go update your wardrobe. Look for any of these easy to pull off styles, and you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd.

Will is interested in electronic music and skate boarding! he writes for Ark Clothing the online and high-street clothing retailer who sell music-influenced clothing, popular branded appeal such as ladies and mens superdry clothing, Fred Perry and many others.

Photo Credit: Richard James

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